Treestand Non-Lounge Specifications

Cabinet Style  RealTree branded synthetic wood cabinet paired with taupe shell.
Dimensions 80" L x 80" W x 34" H
Dry Weight 370 lbs.
Electrical 110v plugs into a standard outlet or 230v conversion. (Licensed electrician can supply the GFCI, conduit and wires to convert.)
Filled Weight 3,623 lbs.
Filter 50 sq. ft. intelligent filtration with customized programming for optimized filtration cycles.
Foam Insulation For maximum efficiency and long-term heat retention.
Heater 1kw (110v) stainless steel
Jet Count 25 jets with stainless steel
Jet Pump 1.5 BHP (1HP) 2-speed
Water Capacity 264 USG
Water Care System Helps to keep water crystal clear while reducing the amount of chlorine needed.